Feeling Drafty #5: Arizona Cardinals

April 1, 2011 at 6:00 pm (Sports) (, , , , , , , , )

You try catching 90 passes for 1,100+ yards with the tripe Arizona gave Larry Fitzgerald, and they'll probably name you Arizona Team MVP too.

As some of your more annoying friends or family have let you know, today is April Fools’ Day.  (I’m looking at you, Uncle John.)  Personally, I don’t really like this day, mostly because I’m usually the fool on this day.  So, instead of saying something ridiculous like how maybe Arizona might draft the starting kicker of some Division I-AA or worse school (no disrespect, Vinatieri), I’m going to get straight into the meat of the matter.

Arizona is not going to draft Blaine Gabbert.  They’re not going to draft Cam Newton either.  Nor Jake Locker or Ryan Mallett.  In fact, I don’t think Arizona will draft any QB in the 2011 draft, and they’re not going to pick up some veteran QB through free agency like Kolb, McNabb, or Vince Young because Arizona already has a pretty good quarterback.  NO, THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS’ JOKE!!!!

I’m talking about John Skelton.  He may not light up the scoreboard with 400-yard, 5-touchdown, 150+ passer rating games, but he does win games.  He went 2-2 as a starter, as opposed to 3-9 when either Derek Anderson or Max Hall started.  Besides, when Larry Fitzgerald is on the field, he can make any quarterback with any talent perform pretty well.

The big problem is at linebacker.  Joey Porter is a potential Hall of Famer, but his time has passed, and Paris Lenon isn’t far from joining him (in the age department, not the Hall of Fame department).  And nobody else in Zona’s linebacker crew has any business starting in the NFL.

Von Miller is the best linebacker in the draft. Arizona needs a good linebacker and has a high draft pick to get him. You do the math.

The best solution to remedy that problem is Texas A&M LB Von Miller.  Miller had 28.5 sacks in his last two seasons.  He is a two time 1st-team All-American and he won the Butkus Award for being the nation’s top linebacker.  So it would make sense if Arizona drafts him.


Also, to people thinking that I’m completely full of crap, and the Cards might end up with Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton:  I think that a veteran quarterback better utilizing Larry Fitz and Steve Breaston or keeping John Skelton and getting him accustomed to the system would be better ideas.


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