Feeling Drafty #8: Tennessee Titans

April 4, 2011 at 6:00 pm (Sports) (, , , , , , , , )

Like Carlos Dunlop, Stephen Tulloch slid under the radar. But, by finishing second in the league in tackles with 159, Tulloch came away with Tennessee Team MVP honors.

Jeff Fisher is gone.  Vince Young is gone.  Randy Moss is in.  The Titans are screaming downhill and fast.  If they don’t right the ship soon, I won’t be shocked if they’re the first team I talk about in next year’s Feeling Drafty series.

The Titans are doing one thing right though, they can run the football like none other.  After completing the sixth 2,000-yard rushing season in NFL history, Chris Johnson proclaimed that he would rush for 2,500 rushing yards this season.  And while nobody thought he would complete this endeavor (which he didn’t), he did perform admirably, compiling 1,609 total yards, and was pretty much the only thing the Titans could hang their hat on.

Vince Young was good, but his emotions and frailness have gotten the better of him, and he’s on his way out of Tennessee.  Kenny Britt and the rest of the receiver corps was just as mediocre as always.  The defense was underwhelming as ever.  Not even Cortland Finnegan could win in a fistfight, which is pretty much what he does best.

But, I must say, the ousting of head coach Jeff Fisher was a shocker.  And the manner in which the Titans got rid of him surprised me even more.  They waited until every head coach position was filled, meaning he’s not coaching when the NFL season decides to start up.  That, Tennessee Titans President, Chairman, Owner, and CEO Bud Adams, is what we in the business call a dick move.

So, the big question:  how do they right the ship?  Well, the receiving corps will come along, if they can stay healthy.  There are plenty of good quarterbacks that will be around in the 2nd round (I got my eye on Jake Locker).  So that leaves the defense.  They can use help pretty much across the board, so they’ll probably pick up the best player available.

Tennessee needs a good DE to replace to potentially departing Jason Babin. Da'Quan Bowers could be that guy.

And the best player still on the board is Clemson DE Da’Quan Bowers.  There are about eight teams in the top 10, that would like to get their hands on Bowers, including everyone in the top 5.  But, Bowers will take a slight slide down to #8.  He notched 15.5 sacks and 26 tackles behind the line of scrimmage this season, and has established himself as the top D-end in this draft.  The only thing keeping him from being in the top 5, is that other needs are more glaring at the moment for the other teams ahead of Tennessee.

If the defense can rally around Bowers, the Titans defense can come back to dominance, and this team will be a contender again.  But, this draft  may the most important for this team since they moved to Tennessee.


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