Getting Drafty #9: Dallas Cowboys

April 5, 2011 at 6:00 pm (Sports) (, , , , , , , , )

DeMarcus Ware led the NFL in sacks with 15.5. Honestly, I can't think of anyone else even in the running for Dallas Team MVP.

NickyV said this in August of last year, and I quote: “The New York Jets will beat the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl”. …I’m an idiot.  The only part of that I got right was “Dallas will get beat.”

The Cowboys can solely place their problems on the absence of Tony Romo, and the presence of Wade Phillips.  Even though Jon Kitna did way better than anyone predicted, (His best game was against Washington, 25/37, 305 yards, 2 TDs, no picks, but it was the Skins, so big whoop.) Tony Romo could have turned the team in this right direction.  But, Wade Philips simply fell apart.

The offense wasn’t clicking even with Romo in.  The defense was laughable, outside DeMarcus Ware who led the NFL in sacks.  They were just throwing games away on stupid penalties, ill-timed drops, and other blunders that are sure to make the next Football Follies DVD.

Then there’s the secondary.  Oh, the secondary.  26th in the NFL in passing yards allowed, 29th in passing yards per attempt.  For a title contender, that is unacceptable.  That is the kind of stuff I’d expect from a team like Denver or Cincy, not a Super Bowl favorite like Dallas.

Continuing Nebraska's tradition of outstanding strangely-named defensive players (after Ndamukong Suh) is Prince Amukamara, one of the best DBs in the draft, and Dallas's next star.

Over the past few weeks, I changed my mock draft picks a lot, but one of the picks that has stayed the same has been Dallas picking up Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara.  He didn’t record an interception all season, but his team had 19.  That says that defending quarterbacks didn’t want anything to do Amukamara and that quarterbacks would throw it anywhere, as long as it wasn’t on Amukamara’s side of the field.  He still pulled down 1st-team All-American, and has been in a battle with Patrick Peterson for the top DB honor.  Peterson should win, but Amukamara won’t be far behind.

With Romo and new head coach Jason Garrett back and Phillips gone, I think that the Cowboys will easily surpass their 6-10 record, and they’ll make the playoffs as a Wild Card.  I’m not going to go so far as to say they’ll win the Super Bowl, but they won’t disappoint as much as they did last year.



  1. Chad said,

    I’m not so sure that Amukamara will go to the Cowboys. Here’s an article from my blog that shows how the Cowboys draft should go down.

    • theoneandonlynickyv said,

      Yeah, if I could redo this, I’d say that Tyron Smith would go #9 to Dallas instead of Amukamara. Tyron’s been flying up the draft board. In my first mock, he went #22 to Indy. Amukamara could fall to #13 to Detroit, or #14 to St. Louis. Also, I read your article, not bad. I’m no good at mock drafting rounds outside the first, but it seems like you know what you’re talking about.

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