Feeling Drafty #11: Houston Texans

April 7, 2011 at 6:00 pm (Sports) (, , , , , , , , )

Could Houston finally have found the franchise running back they've been looking for for so long? It looks like it as Foster won Houston Team MVP.

Every year, the Houston Texans follow the same formula.  They get off to a pretty start, then they fall off the face of the earth, and then they come back just in time to play spoiler.

Quick recap of their past few seasons: 2010: started 4-2, lost 8 of their next 9, won their last game to doom Jacksonville from the playoffs.  2009: started 5-3, lost their next four games, then won their last four games to come up just short of the playoffs.  2008:  after losing their first four games, they won three in a row, they lost four in a row, then won five of their last six.  You see where this is going.

It’s hard to dispute that Houston has an offense that can put points on the board in bunches.  They’ve had the best wide receiver in the league for years in Andre Johnson.  But, now they have a balanced offense with possibly the best running back in the NFL, Arian Foster.  And Matt Schaub isn’t a terrible quarterback either.  So, hopefully the Texans won’t go offense first round.

The defense is another story, although a case could be made that they shouldn’t be.  DeMeco Ryans and Brian Cushing have both won Defensive ROY and gone to the Pro Bowl.  Mario Williams is a star, Amobi Okoye will be a star soon.  So, clearly the problem is in the secondary, right?  Not so fast.  With both Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukamara off of the board, I wouldn’t but any other corner this high.  And there aren’t any safeties that are even getting first round consideration.  So, the Texans may go secondary in the second round.

I think that the Texans will go defensive end with the #11 overall pick.  Not shocking, considering that there are about 16 defensive linemen that could go in the first round.  Heck, I have 13 in this year’s Feeling Drafty series, I have some pretty big names going in the second round (including one really strong DT, if you catch my drift).

Sooner or later, the Texans collection of defensive stars will finally make the Texans' defense relevant. And Robert Quinn will help them get there.

Anyway, back to the pick.  The Texans will pick up North Carolina DE Robert Quinn.  His path to the draft is a little bit different than most prospects.  Quinn was suspended last season for allegedly accepting benefits from agents.  But back in ’09, he came a close second to Derrick Morgan for ACC Defensive Player of the Year.  During that season, he had 52 tackles, 15 quarterback hurries, and 11 sacks.  If he’s stayed in shape since the end of the ’09 season, Quinn will easily be drafted in the top half of the first round.

Here’s just something I noticed: the Texans have a knack for picking up former Bears’ defensive linemen.  They have both Adewale Ogunleye and Mark Anderson.  Not sure if that makes a trend, but if the Texans pick up the recently released Tommie Harris, then I’m going to start thinking that something is up.


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