Feeling Drafty #15: Miami Dolphins

April 11, 2011 at 6:00 pm (Sports) (, , , , , , , , )

After two monstrous season in the CFL, including 23 sacks in '08, Cameron Wake has established himself as a sack machine in the NFL as well, earning Miami Team MVP honors.

The Miami Dolphins are known for two things, and two things only:  their powerful running game and the innovative Wildcat offense.  And, ironically, both of those were absent from Miami offense last season.

The two big pieces of Miami’s dynamic running game, Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams were often either injured and/or ineffective, and, more than likely, both of them will probably be leaving South Beach.  As for the Wildcat, despite the fact that the Dolphins brought the Wildcat to the NFL, it’s not that popular in the NFL anymore.  Maybe, it’s because other teams have learned that if the see Brown lined up as a quarterback to stay on the receivers.  But whatever the reason, it turns out I was right in thinking that the Wildcat was just a passing phase, and we’ll probably see it out of the NFL in a few years.

So, how do the Dolphins reinvent themselves?  Well, they have some emerging stars on defense in Karlos Dansby, Cameron Wake, Randy Starks, and Vontae Davis, so the defense should be fine.  They could go quarterback, but with both Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton off the board, any quarterback here would be just plain ridiculous.  I’ve also seen a few people pick up an interior offensive lineman, namely Mike Pouncey.  He’s the best guard in the draft, but I think that he’ll be worth a late-1st pick, not a mid-1st.

Alabama RB Mark Ingram may be just what the doctor ordered to repair Miami's ailing running game.

The Dolphins can change things, oddly enough by keeping them the same.  There’s only one RB that I would want to pick up in the first 32 picks, and that’s Alabama RB Mark Ingram.  Do I really need to tell you more about Mark freaking Ingram?  He only won the Heisman trophy in ’09.  But for my readers, who have been living under rocks (how do you have the Internet?), Mark Ingram’s breakout ’09 season was an absolute monster.  He got over 300 touches, nearly 2,000 total yards, and 20 total touchdowns.  Last season wasn’t as good for Ingram, partially because he was coming off arthroscopic knee surgery and partly because the Crimson Tide went to a more balanced offense (which led to the breakout of Julio Jones).

The Fins should be able to work on their preferred issue in the second round.  Colin Kaepernick or Andy Dalton could still be on the board if they want a quarterback.  Or if the want to pick up an interior lineman, Miami’s Orlando Franklin should still be on the board, or if they get lucky, they may have a shot to get Villanova’s Benjamin Ijalana.  So, Miami has some pretty good options in this season’s draft.  I’m expecting good things from Miami this year.


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