Feeling Drafty #16: Jacksonville Jaguars

April 12, 2011 at 6:00 pm (Sports) (, , , , , , , , )

The Jags have been known for their running game for years. And the trend continues with Jacksonville Team MVP Maurice Jones-Drew

I mentioned back in my Detroit Lions article, that I’m a huge Chicago Bears fan.  So, you’d think that the team that I would be most angry at would be Green Bay, since they won it all at the expense of my Bears.  But, that’s surprisingly not the case.  To me, it was the Jacksonville Jaguars, because they were the luckiest team I have ever seen.

Here are just some of the crazy events that happened to Jacksonville this season.  A 59-yard game-winning field goal by a kicker known for his inaccuracy against one of the best teams in the NFL, check.  Double-digit comebacks against Buffalo and Oakland, check.  50-yard Hail Mary pass that bounced off the hands of a Texan defender and into the waiting arms of Jacksonville’s Mike Thomas, check.  (Me starting both David Garrard and Mike Thomas in my fantasy football league that week, double check.)

These guys ended their season at 8-8, but they just as easily could’ve ended up 4-12 or worse.  They had enough exciting plays for them to not have to worry about leaving Jacksonville for now, but last season was by no means a success.

David Garrard was good at times, but he was very inconsistent.  However, don’t expect the Jags to get a QB in the first few rounds.  They’ll probably go for someone is the later rounds since they don’t have a legitimate backup.  (If you call Trent Edwards a “legitimate backup”, you are insane.)  Their #1 receiver would be a #2 on most other teams if not worse, but again that’s a later round pick.  There are plenty of good DLs still on the board, since they drafted three last season, maybe they should hold off for a year or so.

Rather than go with just another defensive lineman, Jacksonville fix their linebacker problem with UCLA LB Akeem Ayers.

They seem to have a need at linebacker, since Kirk Morrison wasn’t the star I thought that he would be, plus he might be on the outs in Jacksonville.  So, I think the best option for Jacksonville would be UCLA LB Akeem Ayers.  Last season, he earned 1st-team All-Pac 10 and 2nd-team All-American, and he was a finalist in the Butkus Award, the award for best college linebacker.

We have officially reached the halfway point in the Feeling Drafty series.  I know I haven’t mentioned this in any of the other articles, but feel free to leave a comment on these articles.  Praise, advise, constructive criticism, hate mail, death threats, whatever.  All comments are welcome.


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