Feeling Drafty #22: Indianapolis Colts

April 18, 2011 at 6:00 pm (Sports) (, , , , , , , , )

Who else? Honestly, who else would you pick for Indy Team MVP?

The Indianapolis Colts have been the ultimate model of consistency for years.  Ten straight playoffs appearances, eight division championships in nine years, Peyton Manning is on the roster.  Powerful consistency.  But, despite my last statement, you can credit a lot of their consistency to their wide receiver play.

In 1996, the Colts drafted Marvin Harrison with their #19 pick, and all he did was threaten pretty much every wide receiver record that Jerry Rice holds.  in ’01, they got Reggie Wayne, and he seamlessly stepped into the #1 role when Harrison started wearing down.  And now, they have a group of capable wide receivers, who combine to be their #2 receiver.  But what happens when everyone on the team goes down.

Peyton Manning keeps on kickin’ ass, of course.  Only after this season, he got even more awesomer (it’s a word, look it up in Nicktionary.  Wow, that was bad, sorry), because the guys he threw to were probably found at a backyard pick-up game.  All-world TE Dallas Clark goes down, Jacob Tamme has a breakout year.  Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie, and Anthony Gonzalez get injured, Blair White gets significant playing time.  Joseph Addai gets hurt, the Colts build a friggin’ time machine and yank Dominic Rhodes out of 2006. 

Peyton Manning was running around more than he would’ve liked.  So, maybe an upgrade on the O-line, like Anthony Costanzo, would be nice.

And yet, after all of that, would you still believe that my pick would be for an offensive player.  You see, Peyton was running for his life for a lot of the season, which may explain why Manning had a stretch where he had 11 interceptions in three games.  Their current starting left tackle, Charles Johnson, has completed a full season only once in five seasons.  So, maybe, the Colts should replace him with Boston College OT Anthony Costanzo.  He was the first true freshman to start on Boston College’s offensive line in a decade.  He’s been an outstanding tackle for the inexperienced quarterbacks that BC had after Matt Ryan left, and he helped Montel Harris have a big season on the ground.  His Senior Bowl went pretty well, but the only problem that Costanzo has to worry about is that he’s a little bit undersized, but he should be hanging around this pick.

Here’s my question that needs to be asked:  How much longer before the Colts pick up a quarterback to follow Peyton Manning?  I think that we’ll see the Colts go QB sometime in the next two years.  We’re getting close to the end of an era.


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