Feeling Drafty #25: Seattle Seahawks

April 21, 2011 at 6:00 pm (Sports) (, , , , , , , , )

Mike Williams had the biggest turnaround you could ever hope for, for someone who literally wasnt playing football for the last two years. Easy choice for Seattle Team MVP.

In my Jacksonville article, I said that the Jaguars were the luckiest team in the NFL.  That’s still true, but the Seahawks were the most fortunate.  The difference between being lucky and being fortunate is small, but I think important.  Being lucky means that the only reason they won was because of pure dumb luck.  Being fortunate means that a specific group of circumstances needed to happen in order for them to win.

The Seahawks needed St. Louis to be inconsistent with their rookie quarterback.  They needed San Francisco to disappoint everyone.  They needed Arizona to be complete garbage.  They needed Matt Hasselbeck to be at least a half-way decent quarterback.  They needed Mike Williams to be the breakout story of the year.  In the last game of the year, they needed Charlie Whitehurst to be a good game manager.  And in the playoffs, they needed a miracle run from Marshawn Lynch to beat the Saints.  And by God, every single freaking one of those things happened to the Seahawks, and they earned the dubious distinction of being the first division winner to make the playoffs with a losing record.  Yay for them.

If it were up to me, Michael Vick wouldn’t win Comeback Player of the Year (seriously, screw him).  Instead, the award would go to Seattle’s Mike Williams (and then I’d give Rookie of the Year to Tampa Bay’s Mike Williams, just to mess with everyone’s head).  After taking two years off from football, he went back to his old USC Head Coach and current Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll.  In 14 games, he caught 65 passes for over 750 yards.  Not the greatest year a wide receiver ever had, but the best year that Williams ever had, because up until this season, he had bust written all over him.

After Williams, however, there’s not a lot to talk about for the Seahawks.  Matt Hasselbeck is beginning to get old, and Charlie Whitehurst isn’t the answer.  The running game was nonexistant except for the monster run Marshawn Lynch had in the Wild Card game against the Saints.  And the defense?  What defense?

How crazy do you think Seattle fans would go if Washington QB Jake Locker ended up going to Seattle?

The Seahawks need to take a huge swing, and the best way to do that is to go quarterback, since Hasselbeck may only have one semi-good year left.  And there is no better pick for Seattle than to go with Washington QB Jake Locker.  This hometown quarterback could’ve gone a year early, but he stayed at Washington to help improve his draft status.  But, he may have been drafted higher if he went last season.  He had some outstanding games against Syracuse, Oregon State, and Washington State, but he had terrible games versus Nebraska, Stanford, and UCLA.  He’s a quarterback who can make plays with his legs, but he doesn’t have to rely on them.  If he sits behind Matt Hasselbeck for a year, and starts the 2012-13 season, he should be a good quarterback.

Also, something I want to know, why is it that the Seahawks keep bragging about their losing record playoff appearance.  Seems to me, that’s something they should keep as big of a secret as possible.


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