Feeling Drafty #32: Green Bay Packers

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Green Bay Team MVP Clay Matthews has 23.5 sacks in two seasons. Try to convince me that he's not one of the best linebackers in the NFL.

Well, this is it, the final Feeling Drafty article.  And it’s about the Green Bay Packers.  As a Bears fan, this article may upset me a little.  But I’ll try to fight through the tears, to write this thing.

Well, it looks like Green Bay made the right move for Aaron Rodgers.  He sat behind Brett Favre for a few years, and when his time came, he filled in for the old geezer seemlessly.  And within a few short years, he was in the running for MVP, and he brought the Lombardi trophy back to the home of the man it was named after.  One thing I didn’t understand was this:  when Aaron was given the Lombardi trophy, why did he also get the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?  That didn’t fit for me.

I have another question for the Green Bay coaching staff:  how is the running game going to be set up?  Will Ryan Grant be given the lead role after his season-stalling ankle injury?  Will James Starks be the leading rusher after his breakout in last season’s playoffs?  How will Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn factor into the conversatation?  What is the deal?  Actually, that’s five questions.  My bad.

Despite the fact, that Green Bay seems to have a lot of depth at receiver, they’re really fragile at the position.  I think that the guy who is the current #4 receiver, Jordy Nelson, is their best receiver.  Greg Jennings is electrifying, but it almost seems like he takes games off.  Donald Driver has been solid for years, but he could be slip this season.  James Jones looked like the heir apparent to Driver, but he drops passes like they talked about his momma.  Jermichael Finley looked like a future star, but time will tell if he can come back from his injury last season.  Nelson may just be the best all-around receiver on the team.

This defense is young, but they look promising.  Clay Matthews is a scary individual who broke out this season with 13.5 sacks.  Tramon Williams and Sam Shields (like so many others on this team) came alive in the playoffs.  B.J Raji and Cullen Jenkins played well on the defensive line.  So, this team is solid on almost all front.

The depth at offensive line is pretty deep this season. Derek Sherrod is the sixth or seventh best offensive linemen this season, and he'll still be a first round draft pick.

Except for on the offensive line.  Aaron Rodgers was mobile enough to make it not as apparent, but let’s not confuse the issue:  this offensive line was bad.  So I think they should go for the last of the Big 5 OTs, Mississippi State OT Derek Sherrod.  He’s very agile for a man his size, but he also has good fundamentals.  He’ll probably either start at RT and Bryan Bulaga will move to the left side, or he’ll wait behind Chad Clifton and learn from him, since Clifton will probably retire soon.

That does it.  We’re done here.  The Feeling Drafty Series is over.  Tomorrow, I’ll try to write a follow-up article about the first round, and maybe ones after Days 2 and 3 of the Draft.


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