The NFL Rank ‘Em Up: #28-25 QBs

June 14, 2011 at 6:00 pm (Sports) (, , , , , )

Some quarterbacks just don’t when to pack it in (I’m looking at you, old man Favre).  They have a great career, people love then.  But then, in the latter part of their career, they think that they can still play just because they could play awesomely five years ago, despite the fact that they’re facing people who are younger, faster, stronger, and meaner.  That applies big time for one of the names in this article.

At #28, Jason Campbell is a guy who I keep thinking will break out every year, but he does nothing but disappoint.  He’s a lot like Nicolas Cage, he’s either a star, or sucking hard, no middle ground.  He could be leading Oakland to a 59-14 win on one day, and then he could be getting outplayed by backup QB Bruce Gradkowski on the next.  I just don’t think that Oakland has done enough to its offense to think that Campbell will all of a sudden become a top-tier quarterback.  So, unless Louis Murphy or Darrius Heyward-Bey can become a star this year, Campbell will be relegated to the “meh” category.

In this shot, we have Andy Dalton wearing his Bengals helmet. Wait a minute...

I’m a huge fan of Andy Dalton, but I’m still a bit reluctant to put him higher than 27th.  He was a winner at TCU, but can he win in the pros?  I think it might be difficult to win right out of the gate, especially if they lose Chad Johnson (he’s changing his name back).  But, last year Carson Palmer was the garbage time king.  So, maybe if the Bengals fall behind, Dalton might be able to put together some Palmer-like garbage time numbers. Plus, the presence of A.J. Green probably won’t hurt him.

If Chad Henne was on the cover of Madden 11, it would've sold maybe 10 copies.

I was kind of surprised when Miami didn’t draft a quarterback, because Chad Henne isn’t the answer, thus why he’s at #26.  He’s just so bland and cookie-cutter.  He’s only had one 350+ yard game in his entire career.  He just hasn’t had his “breakout” game yet, but after three years of this, I’m starting to wonder if that game will ever come.  And if he doesn’t break out this season, you can bet that Miami will look for a replacement.  Heck, Miami still might pursue one of the free agent quarterbacks this offseason.  I just don’t know how long Miami is willing to put up with his blandness.

When you see Donovan McNabb at #25, it’s kind of sad.  Especially considering that, two years ago, he was a top seven or eight quarterback.  But, years of injuries have finally caught up to McNabb.  His scrambling is nonexistant, he throws erratically, and he had easily his worst season where he was healthy enough to play in all of the games.  Mike Shanahan isn’t stupid, if he honestly thinks that Rex Grossman gives the Redskins a better chance to win, one of two things is going on.  Either Shanahan has an agenda against McNabb (doubtful, that’s Albert Haynesworth’s job), or McNabb is done.  Seriously, Donovan.  If you’re reading this (again, kind of doubt it), do yourself a favor, and retire.  You already have a Hall of Fame resume.  If coaches are trying to decide between you, Grossman, and John Beck, it’s over.  We’ll miss you, McNabb.

In the next part, we’ll have two quarterbacks who might be replaced soon, and two young up-and-comers with a lot of potential, that are essentially polar opposites of one another.


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