Feeling Drafty #30: New York Jets

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New York utility player Brad Smith won New York Team MVP. Oh, I'm sorry, were you expecting someone else, like LT or Darrelle Rivas? What gave you that crazy idea?

You can call the New York Jets what you want:  overrated, overpaid, clowns, spectacles.  But, you can’t call them boring.  This team subscribed to so many football movie stereotypes last season, you’d think someone pulled the Jets out of a “Friday Night Lights” knockoff.

Young, unproven, cocky quarterback (Mark Sanchez), check.  Aging running back with one final push before retirement (LaDainian Tomlinson), check.  Another running back who really wasn’t prepared for the pros went he entered the league (Joe McKnight), check.  Fullback with the ridiculously awesome name (John Conner), check.  (OK, that last one may not be real, but I just wanted to bring that up.)  Wide receiver who comes to life in the playoffs (Santonio Holmes), check.  Another wide receiver who could be one of the best in the game, if he just didn’t drop so many damn passes (Braylon Edwards), check.  Yet another wide receiver who can do everything (Brad Smith), check.  Tight end who’s best friends with the quarterback (Dustin Keller), double check.  And that’s just the offense.

There’s also the defender getting ready for a career in television after football (Jason Taylor), the linebacker who scares the living *bleep* out of everybody (Calvin Pace), the high-energy, fun-loving  (Bart Scott), the cornerback who thinks that he the best in the game (Darrelle Rivas), and the corner with child support issues (Antonio Cromartie).  Did I miss any?

On a serious note, the Jets are a pretty good team who have a chance to live up to their head coach’s lofty expectations (insane head coach, check).  Sanchez looks like he’ll become a great quarterback, but if he doesn’t break out this season, it’s time to start raising some eyebrows.  It looks like the running back situation will become more balanced between Tomlinson, Shonn Greene, and McKnight.  So, if you want a deep sleeper, look for Joe McKnight around Round Nine or Ten of typical fantasy football drafts.

Their defense is one of the best in the NFL.  While I don’t think that Rivas is the best corner in the NFL (that honor goes to Nnamdi), he is one of the best corners in the NFL, and it’s a bad idea to throw the ball haphazardly to his side of the field.  David Harris is one of the most underrated linebackers in the NFL.  Calvin Pace still scares the living *bleep* out of me.  So, I’m liking this defense, a lot.

For the second time in this series, the Team MVP is at the same position as my draft pick. But, the Jets are going to need some new WRs, since most of them could be leaving. So, New York needs to get a good WR, like Torrey Smith.

However, I think they should go for the wide receiver in the draft.  Even though they do have depth at the position, but they could be gone by the time the season starts.  Edwards, Holmes, and Smith are all unrestricted free agents.  So, the first step to replace them is Maryland WR Torrey Smith.  He has plenty of speed to burn opposing CBs, and he’s athletic enough to win battles for the ball against those corners.

Now, if only the Jets could pick up someone who was on a reality show.  Wait, does Hard Knocks count?  It does?  Ok, check.


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