The NFL Rank ‘Em Up: #8-5 QBs

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The next four quarterbacks are the most practical on this list.  Most of them can be picked up in the 4th-6th round (except for Vick, he’ll be gone by the mid-2nd).  By then, you should be able to pick up one or more running backs and wide receivers, and maybe even an elite tight end.

Matt Ryan is eighth on my list, partially due to the presence of Julio Jones.  Matty Ice managed to give Roddy White the best season of his career, despite the fact that they had no other receiver of any relevance other than Tony Gonzalez, meaning that White was constantly double teamed.  That probably won’t happen this year, now that the Falcons have a legitimate #2 receiver.  And Atlanta wouldn’t have traded away the farm to get Jones if they didn’t plan on riding him all the way to the Super Bowl.  Ryan’s yardage totals weren’t the stuff of legends last season, with 11 games with fewer than 250 yards, but that’s another problem that Jones was brought in to fix.  Other than that, he’s a beast in the Georgia Dome, and he simply doesn’t throw interceptions (his career high is 14 in ‘09).  Target him with confidence in the 5th or 6th.

Tony Romo is looking to make a comeback this season.  And he has me convinced enough to put him seventh on the REU.  I firmly believe that the Cowboys’ problems last season centered on Wade Phillips.  Once he left Big D, and replaced by Jason Garrett, the Cowboys hit their stride with backup QB and Michael Chiklis impersonator Jon Kitna at the helm.  With Romo coming back from injury, you can expect increased output from Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten.  And the Cowboys should be able to return to playoff contention.

Anybody who knows me knows I hate Michael Vick.  A lot.  But, even looking at Vick professionally, I still can’t put Vick any higher than sixth.  People are already trying to etch Vick’s name onto the MVP trophy, and I like to call those people “moronic”.  Even before his days in the penitentiary, he was an injury risk, and now, not only is Vick five years older than he was as a Falcon, but it seems like he’s actually running more than he was five years ago.  I hear people say that Vick could set records this season.  Maybe, but just try to convince me that Vick will make it to the end of the season, without a massive overhaul to his style.  If Vick somehow falls to the fourth round, he would be a good pick, but that won’t happen because some massive genius will nab him inside the first 15 picks.  It’s safe to say that Vick will be the biggest risk/reward of the season.  If he does well, he will break a few records.  But if he doesn’t (and he probably won’t), he’ll disappoint a lot of people, myself not included.

Enough negativism, let’s talk about Philip Rivers.  I think that Rivers could be a pretty good sleeper for MVP this season.  Especially, if he can stick with a good receiver for more than five minutes.  Young Man Rivers was able to squeeze a 213 yard performance out of Malcom Floyd against Nnamdi Asoughma, which is simply unprecedented.  He also got Seyi Ajirotutu to go for 4-111-2 against Houston, a 117 yard game from Patrick Crayton versus St. Louis, a 5-110-1 game against the Chiefs for Legadu Naanee, and a multi-touchdown game for Randy McMichael.  Oh yeah, and he also has Antonio Gates and Vincent Jackson.  Rivers will be a steal if you can get him in the fourth.

In the next part, we’re going to take a break from the backward counting to list the quarterbacks that just missed the list.


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Feeling Drafty #18: San Diego Chargers

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Love him or hate him, San Diego QB Philip Rivers is an elite quarterback who can get the ball to anyone. He earned the San Diego Team MVP Award

Every season, I hear some analyst on ESPN or NFL Network say that their pick to win the Super Bowl is the San Diego Chargers.  And why wouldn’t they?  The Chargers had the most offensive yards, and allowed fewest defensive yards.  So why is it that the Chargers couldn’t even make the playoffs last season?

Well, for one thing, that’s only two-thirds of the game.  There’s also special teams, and the Chargers have one of the worst special teams defenses I’ve ever seen.  Other than that, I’m at a loss.  They just must not get along with each other, because this should be an elite team.  Sure there are holes at certain positions, like wide receiver, defensive end, and linebacker, but what team doesn’t have holes?  Good teams work around their holes.  Example:  Green Bay’s offensive line is terrible, so what’s Green Bay’s solution?  Aaron Rodgers gets more mobile.  So maybe San Diego isn’t as good a team as people seem to think.

So, which hole does San Diego fill first?  Well, I don’t think that they need to worry about wide receivers, because as long as Philip Rivers is throwing, somebody will catch it.  Based on what I saw last season, when Rivers led the NFL in passing yards with such illustrious names as Legadu Naanee, Seyi Ajirotutu, Patrick Crayton, and Buster Davis, he could probably get a 7-90-2 performance out of me.

And as for linebacker, there aren’t any linebackers I’d take this early who aren’t named Von Miller, Robert Quinn, or Akeem Ayers (and Quinn isn’t even a college linebacker, he’s a defensive end).  I’ll have another (converted) linebacker in this series, but he won’t be drafted until much later in the first round.

Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan is a high velocity, powerful DE who has no business falling this far, except for the fact that he's in possibly the best DL class ever.

That only leaves defensive end.  There are still plenty of solid D-linemen on the board, but San Diego should go with Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan.  Kerrigan is another player who could potentially switch to  OLB, but I don’t see that happening.  He’s a fierce player, who can’t be stopped once he gets started.  He is currently tied for the record for the most fumbles forced in a FBS college career with 14.  He was also the winner of the Big 10 Defensive Player of the Year.

This is just one piece of the puzzle for San Diego though.  If they couldn’t stay consistent with the best offense and the best defense in the NFL, I’m not sure what they can do.

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