The NFL Rank ‘Em Up: 16-13 QBs

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Superstars are great, but I love sleepers.  I love the diamonds in the rough.  I love being able to pick a nobody, and by season’s end, you have a star on your hands.  Yes, I’d love to have Chris Johnson at 3rd overall, but given the choice between him and someone who could turn into a fantasy legend this year like LeSean McCoy at 8th overall, I’ll take McCoy.  All four quarterbacks here can be considered sleepers with low-end QB1 potential or at the very least, are high-end QB2’s.

Matthew Stafford cracks the top half of the list at #16.  He has shown flashes of excellence, and the talent around him is superb.  Shaun Hill wouldn’t have been a top 15 quarterback last year otherwise.  His only problem is staying healthy.  He only started in three games last season, but he had seven total touchdowns and one interception.  I’ve said it before, but I think that the Lions will make the playoffs by next season.  If he can play, he’ll do great things for the Lions.

The former Heisman winner added a Rookie of the Year award to his collection. Next on his list is a few playoff wins.

Last year’s Rookie of the Year, Sam Bradford, is my #15 quarterback.  Last season, he had a record setting season, even without a true #1 receiver.  Every one was pleading St. Louis to draft a #1, but St. Louis wisely decided not to right away, since they’ll be getting back Mark Clayton and Donnie Avery.  Remember Donnie Avery?  Everyone was saying that he and Bradford would be the next Manning-Harrison?  My hyperbole aside, Clayton and Avery (or Avery and Clayton, not sure who’s where) should make an effective one-two punch for Bradford to make the next step.  Expect people to call Bradford a solid QB1 by the start of next season.

If Jay Cutler can make it through a playoff game without wussing out, he should be fine.

Chicago’s Jay Cutler is 14th on this list, just because it’s kind of hard to put him any higher.  There’s a lot to like with Cutler.  The Mike Martz offense makes Cutler a high risk/high reward play, and last season he performed pretty well.  He has arguably the best receiving running back in the NFL, Matt Forte, and his receiver corps is fun to watch (if a little raw).  However, he does have a history of concussions, and he could leave the game for extended periods of time.  He doesn’t have a true, bonafide #1 receiver, and his playoff experience is minimal and filled with controversy.  I think that the best fantasy situation that the “Diabetic Deep-threat” could fall into would be if he was paired up with a low-end QB1, like Josh Freeman, Ben Roethlisberger, or Matt Schaub, to make a solid QB tandem.

I really want to like Joe Flacco more than I do.  He’s a pure winner, with a great team, and a receiver corps filled with big names.  But, the Ravens win their games with their defense and running game, and the big names on this team are mostly veterans like Derrick Mason and Todd Heap, who likely don’t have many years left in their careers.  Luckily, they did address this in the draft by picking up Torrey Smith, and he’ll likely be their #2 or slot receiver early in the season.  Plus, Ray Rice is one of the best pass catchers in the NFL.  I would say that if you miss out on the first few groups of quarterbacks, you could do a lot worse than Joe Cool.

In the next article, we talk about the quarterbacks who walk the fine line between fantasy starter and fantasy backup.


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