The NFL Rank ‘Em Up: Missed The List QBs

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I’m sure that some of you noticed that there were a few names that didn’t get into the top 32 that maybe should’ve.  Well, this article was made to briefly explain why certain people didn’t make the list, and also to list some quarterbacks that may see playing time later in the season, and would therefore make for some good handcuffs or 3rd quarterbacks in deeper leagues.

Just barely missing the list is Minnesota’s starter of the future, Christian Ponder.  Even though I have high hopes for him, I would still take Adrian Peterson over Ponder every single time.  Ponder will most likely take the game manager role, and let Peterson take the reins and lead the team.  All the Vikings need is a quarterback that won’t lose them games, since they already have a running back that can win them games.

At #34, I have Matt Hasselbeck.  The Seahawks offense just isn’t potent enough to be of any relevance.  Besides, at 35 years old, I don’t think that Hasselbeck is the same quarterback that took Seattle to the Super Bowl.  I think that Hasselbeck will resign with the Seahawks, but the Seahawks will still try to make a starter out of Charlie Whitehurst.  However, the Seahawks really need to look into another QB since neither are really proving themselves at the moment.

Colin Kaepernick is next on this list at #35.  Kaepernick is still very much a project.  He has the raw skills and athleticism to be a great QB at 6’5” and 233 lbs.  Alex Smith still thinks that he can be a starter in the NFL, and head coach Jim Harbaugh will probably have him starting from the start of the season.  But, when Smith screws up, Kaepernick will step in to make plays with his arms and legs.  Remember, this is the guy who ran for over 1,000 yards for three straight seasons at Nevada, with more than 15 TDs every year and at least seven yards per carry, and he pretty much stopped Boise State’s dominance of the WAC.

When Matt Stafford went down last season, Shaun Hill stepped up and filled in like a champ, at least for fantasy football.  Hill started 10 games last season, and had at least 222 yards and two touchdowns in half of them.  Stafford has proven that he’s not the most durable quarterback in the world.  So, if he should have to miss time again this season, Hill will be there to put up respectable numbers and make for at the very least a good bye-week filler.

I have a super-sleeper for every position and among quarterbacks, I think that Tyler Thigpen could be the super-sleeper at quarterback.  The Miami Dolphins are quickly realizing that Chad Henne isn’t the answer.  And since the Dolphins didn’t draft a quarterback and Chad Pennington hurt himself during the offseason, Thigpen might be asked to step in for Henne.  Back in 2008, Thigpen was on a 3,500-yard pace for the anemic pre-Jamaal Charles KC offense.  And with Brandon Marshall and Daniel Thomas in his back pocket, Thigpen could shock the fantasy world all over again.  Plus, he helped me win my first fantasy football championship with his ’08 season, so I’m proof that Thigpen can help you win.

I’ll be the first to admit; when Tony Romo went down, I had no faith in Jon Kitna.  I mean, if Tony Romo couldn’t perform for the Cowboys, then how would a then-37 year old career backup do any better.  But he did perform admirably, throwing for multiple touchdowns in half of his ten games played.  He proved that he still has at least something left in his tank, so if necessary, the Cowboys (and fantasy players) will know that they still have at least a chance to win.

There was a point in time where the Packers were trying to put Matt Flynn on the trading block.  But they wisely held onto him, and he should be a pretty good backup to Aaron Rodgers.  Which is a good thing for the Packers, considering they’ll face the Bears, Lions, and Vikings defense six times a year.  And it’s also a good thing for fantasy players since the Packers have one the most potent offenses in the NFL, and Flynn has already proven that he play when needed with a 251 yard-3 touchdown performance against the New England Patriots.

I can already hear people complaining that I’m putting Caleb Hanie at #40 on the list since I’m a Bears fan.  But, Hanie was thrown into the worst situation you can imagine:  a quarterback who’s never started in the NFL thrown into the NFC championship game to lead a comeback against the powerhouse Green Bay defense with a Super Bowl berth on the line.  And while he wasn’t able to seal the deal, he did go 13-20 for 153 yards, and he led the Bears on both of their only scoring drives, which both ended in touchdowns.  Jay Cutler has a history of concussions, and now that the Bears have realized that Todd Collins was just about the worst quarterback they could’ve used, Hanie is now the official backup for the Bears.

In the next episode, I’ll reveal my top quarterback.  Will it be Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, or Tom Brady?  Stay tuned.


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